Busola Dakolo: Adesua Etomi Reveals What Her Teacher Did To Her

Adesua Etomi-Wellington shares her story as she speaks against sexual molestation.

Read her post below…

Almost every woman has a story to tell about someone who taken advantage of them.
The culprits? Lesson teacher, house help, boss, driver, cook, family friend, uncle, aunty even dad.
Mine? Lesson teacher. Man actually grabbed tits that I didn’t even really have. Ran out of the house. Told my aunty. She tried to make me continue the lessons. Her exact words were ‘if your teacher in school makes a pass, will you stop going to class?
My mum believed me though?
If you haven’t experienced trauma, pls shut it. I wasn’t raped but when he grabbed my tits, I FROZE out of fear before I realised that I could run and RUN I DID.

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