Ondo Women Protest Topless, Demand Sowore’s Release

In a unanimous decision, women in their numbers came together to demand for Omoyele Sowore release, somewhere in south-western part of Nigeria, the age group where ranging from 50 to 90 years old. They maintain that they were aggrieved after repeatedly hearing on radio, that application challenging his detention was rejected by justice N.E MAHA.
They were chanting release our son, as it was obvious in the inscriptions of some of the play card they were carrying.

However, some conservative scholars’ have argued that the action of this old women may not have a pronounced effect now, but certainly ,a flaccid paralysis, confusion, elephantiasis and demise may come along with it in a short while, In midst of those who conspired against him and their children…

The old women strongly believed, Sowore omoyele who has contributed so much to the aspect being ignored by the government, such as, schools, pipe borne water and others, is not a criminal/terrorist and also warned against framing him up with heinous criminal charges. FreeSoworenow they say is the antidote for this action!