CCTV Captures The Face Of Lady Who Stole In A Boutique

Luck has finally run out of a lady who stole some cloths in a Boutique after her face was captured on CCTV placed strategically in the Boutique. The CCTV also captured how she stole the items in the shop. The lady had wore a nose mask and a eye glass thinking she will not be captured. The owner of the Boutique with handle on instagram(Sophie couture) took to her Instagram handle to call on the lady to return the items she stole in her shop or face arrest.
She wrote.

I really do not even know what to say Aunty I know you are following us here on Instagram I will give you 5days to return that jacket you stole or we will post your full facial images trust me it will be too messy for you . Aunty came in saw how busy I was all staff broke down due to stress during Xmas season they all didn’t come to work for days I was alone attending to customers all by myself I was even stressed self to think that when you walked in you were asking me if am the sales girl I kept smiling and answering you yes ma so you came to steal ? . Like you even came to fool me hohohhooo aunty you jam rock . Na 5days I give you to return that jacket olehhh

Watch video of the lady stealing the jacket